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“The ridiculousness of Ramsay’s premise lies in a flawed belief that Old World culinary technique is the standard by which all food should be measured. And that’s absolutely not true,” she adds. “To understand food on a global scale, one has to let go of one’s local dogma, and to presume that a single person knows the ‘best’ way of doing someone else’s food goes against that completely.”

Gordon Ramsay’s new Nat Geo show is a colonialist mess, The Washington Post

“I feel really cynical when different cuisines are called a trend at this point,” said Soleil Ho, a chef and co-host of the Racist Sandwich Podcast. “What do the original communities, the POCs, get from it? How does it improve their material condition?” said Ho. “It usually doesn’t.” The reality, she added, is that “more often than not, eating a food does not translate to respect for the people who make that food.”